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Missionary Sex Position
The Missionary position is probably the most common first position people try, which is probably related to its simplicity, comfort, and the high level of intimacy experienced. To get into the position, the woman simply lies down on her back while the man lies face-down on top of her. Although initial aiming can be a little difficult at first for the man, getting a helping hand from her can resolve that quite easily. We recommend for both partners to experiment with some hip movement to help keep things from getting stale too quickly..

Doggy Sex Position
The standard variation of Doggy Style is comfortable, intuitive and versatile; the woman simply gets on all-fours, with the man mounting from behind in a kneeling position. As in most rear entry positions, the angle of penetration tends to be very well suited for targeting the g-spot, so we recommend for women to explore titling their pelvis and arching their back to find the best angles. As with all kneeling positions, we recommend pillows on the floor for added comfort, as well as to fine tune the alignment of your groins.

Cowgirl Sex Position
In the very popular Cowgirl position the man lies on his back while the woman kneels over him, facing towards his head. The majority of the motion comes from the woman lifting, rocking, and/or rotating her hips, though the man can help spice things up with a little flavor from below. Playing with her breasts is a one of the great features of this position, though just watching them bounce isn't so bad either, just don't get hypnotized! If you're on top, you can experiment with both leaning back as illustrated, or by leaning forward on your partner's chest to find what works best for you.

Collapsed Cowgirl Sex Position
The collapsed cowgirl variation is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Whether you want to come in for a kiss, or just give your legs a little rest, it's great for both. The motion for this position is usually a team effort, since neither partner has a lot of mobility in this alignment. A word of caution for the men: be mindful of teeth when throwing in some harder thrusts. Timing one during a kiss could have some painful and expensive consequences! You might also enjoy placing a pillow under the man's rear to help tilt his pelvis for deeper penetration.

Facedown Doggy Sex Position
In the Facedown variation of Doggy Style, the woman leans forward and rests her head on the floor. The angle of penetration isn't ideal for hitting the G-spot, but is great for hitting a little known place in the vagina called the posterior fornix, and some may even find increased clitoral stimulation. Pillows are recommended under her head, as well as under both people's knees - which should come as no surprise, as we're pretty big on comfort.

Open Missionary Sex Position
The Open Missionary position features the improved penetration angle of Folded Missionary, but offers more intimacy from not having her legs between you, which isn't too shabby considering the great freedom of movement offered to the man. To get into the position, the woman lies on her back with her legs up and out to the sides, while the man mounts face-down on top of her.

Folded Missionary Sex Position
To get in to the Folded Missionary Position, the woman lies on her back and pivots her hips so that her legs are folded towards her chest. The man lies on top while supporting some of his weight on her legs. A favorite of many men because of the sense of power that comes from folding their partner, and vice versa for many woman from being folded, it also offers great freedom of movement and penetration depth. Most women won't find taking a man's full weight to be very comfortable, so men should reduce the strain by supporting some of their weight with their arms.

Spoon Sex Position
The standard variation of the Spoon ought to be the first choice to satisfy your early morning desires! A natural position, it is both easy to get into, and comfortable for both partners.... and it's especially well suited to catching a movie on the couch. If the woman is substantially smaller than the man, you may benefit from placing a pillow under her hip to help get you aligned.

Tucked Missionary Sex Position
A close cousin of Folded Missionary, the Tucked variation differs in that the woman's legs are bent at the knees, and are positioned on the outside of the man's body. This has the benefits of alleviating the strain from men leaning too heavily, and it's a lot easier to get intimate without legs in the way. We recommend that women experiment with the both the angle of their pelvis and the with how open they have their legs to find what feels best.

Wrapped Missionary Sex Position
To get into the Wrapped Missionary position, the woman lies on her back and wraps her legs around her partner who mounts from above. Raising her legs tilts her pelvis, making for a significantly improved penetration angle over the standard Missionary position, and the woman can use her legs to help guide the man's rhythm to her liking.

Supported Standing Doggy Sex Position
Favored by many, the Supported Standing variation of Doggy is a versatile position that most of us will be visiting often during our sexual careers. Particularly good for those with knee issues, women will likely find this variant to be a lot more comfortable when thrusting harder, which is a lot easier with the increased mobility. Small height adjustment can be handled with some bending of the knees, or placing feet together, though having a stepping stool or high heels may be preferable.

Lying Groundhog Sex Position
In the Lying variation of the Groundhog, the man lies out horizontally over his partner with his legs on the outside of hers. Much more comfortable for a man when compared to kneeling, it offers both increased intimacy and range of movement. Initial penetration can be a little tricky with the woman having limited ability to help aim, so beginners may benefit from docking in the upright position before lying down to avoid any frustrations. However, we recommend practicing the art of entering with no hands, as it's a useful skill to have in many positions!

Rodeo Sex Position
At the head of the Rodeo family, the standard variation is a classic that most people enjoy. It's very easy to get into; the man just lies on his back, and the woman kneels over top of him facing away. Offering great mobility, depth, and comfort, it is also much more resistant to slipping out from too much lateral movement - though over extending could be quite painful for men, so women be careful! We recommend that women experiment with placing their hands on the man's legs in front, or go 'no hands' to find what's most pleasurable!

Closed Doggy Sex Position
In a subtle adaptation to the standard form of Doggystyle, the Closed variation has the woman's legs closer together with the man's on the outside. The closed position of her legs can provide a different sensation for both partners, and gives the woman much more control over the height of her pelvis... which we recommend you experiment with to find the best angles. As in all kneeling positions, pillows under the knees tend are essential for staying comfortable.

Open Groundhog Sex Position
In this subtle variation of the Lying Groundhog, the Open Groundhog has the woman's legs spread so that the man can mount inside of them. This offers much deeper penetration, great mobility, and a lot of intimacy, making it a great starting point for rear entry positions. Being on the inside however can make it a little trickier to keep her g-spot targeted, so men will likely want to make an effort to maintain a downward angle of penetration to maximize her pleasure.

Lying Cowgirl Sex Position
Taking Cowgirl horizontal, the Lying variation has the woman lying over the man, in a role-reversed Missionary position. It offers relatively limited mobility compared to the rest of the family, but it makes up for this shortcoming with a much higher degree of intimacy. We found the best pleasure to come from the woman positioning herself a little higher up the man's body than illustrated, and having the man take care of most of the thrusting from below.

Standing Doggy Sex Position
Featuring the best mobility in the Doggy Style family, the Standing variation is a lot easier on the knees than it's kneeling cousins, assuming there's only a small difference in your heights. If height happens to be a problem, bending the knees and changing the width of your feet can help, though extreme differences may require a foot stool or high heels to bring you into alignment. The increased mobility allows for much harder thrusting, though the woman's bent over position may make keeping her balance a little tougher when going all out... so you may need to save the hardest thrusts for the Supported variation, or at the very least the man will need to hold on to her hips to help.

Mixed Missionary Sex Position
Representing a mix of any two forms of Missionary, the Mixed variation is here as a reminder that there is no need to keep things symmetric! Not only is there no need, both women and men may find significant benefit from having the vagina stretched in a different way. We recommend mixing and matching the leg woman's leg positions from all of the variations, to find the custom fit that feels best to you.

Wrapped Spoon Sex Position
Bringing even more intimacy to the Spoons position, the Wrapped variation involves the woman wrapping and hooking her legs around her partner's. Although a more subtle looking variation, there are a few noteworthy effects; she can now squeeze her legs to achieve deeper penetration, it opens her legs for easier access to her clit for either partner to play with, and tilts her pelvis for a different angle of penetration. As in the standard Spoons position, kissing her neck and exploring her body with his free hand add to the pleasure, and the woman can use bother her hand and legs to help communicate what she needs to get there. Pillows under your head are almost never a bad thing... and we recommend both partners experiment with the tilt and angle of their hips to find the sweet spots

Groundhog Sex Position
In the standard variation of the Groundhog family, the woman lies on her stomach while the man mounts from behind in a kneeling position. Featuring a downward penetration angle that is ideal for targeting her g-spot, comfort for both partners, and great mobility, it's a position that'll likely keep most of us coming back for more. Women can experiment with arching their back and raising their pelvis, and men can explore leaning further forward, or even backward to see what feels best.

Bent Spoon Sex Position
The Bent variation of the Spoon has the woman leaning forward, making for a lying sideways Doggy Style orientation. Although a relatively subtle difference, this position offers improved mobility over the standard variation, making it better suited for both longer and faster penetration. We recommend for women to experiment with the tilt and angle of their pelvis, and for men to raise their hip off the ground to maximize their mobility.

Split Missionary Sex Position
In an extreme form of Open Missionary, the Split variation stretches a woman's legs out as far as they can go, which translates into some of the deepest penetration the family can offer. However, requiring high flexibility, it can be somewhat uncomfortable for women to maintain for a longer duration. Given the clitoral stimulation possible at full penetration, we recommend taking advantage by experimenting by mixing in some grinding when you go deep.

Kneeling Lap Dance 180 Sex Position
In the 180 variation of the Kneeling Lap Dance position, the woman turns around so that she is facing her partner. This not only increases the intimacy, it also makes it much easier for men to help with the lifting, while providing women with some improved leverage to reduce the strain on their legs. This improved mobility makes for a much more explosive ride, and getting a close up view of her breasts bouncing will likely be a welcome perk for most men.

Guard Sex Position
At the head of the Guard family, the standard variation is likely the most comfortable form. Keeping the pelvis lifted is relatively easy, as women can rest their thighs on their man's legs, and unlike most of the variations in the family, the man doesn't have to do much lifting. However, we recommend to experiment with pillows under the woman's lower back, so that you can explore the full range to find the heights and angles that are most comfortable and pleasurable for you.

Kneeling Cradle Sex Position
The Kneeling variation of the Cradle brings the woman to her knees. Offering some of the best mobility in the family, most women should find it a lot easier to control both penetration depth and speed. Men should be able to find it a little easier to provide some thrusting from below with less weight on his body, and we definitely recommend experimenting with different combinations of movement.

Squatting Cowgirl Sex Position
The Squatting variation of Cowgirl is a close cousin to the standard position, only that the woman squats over her man instead of kneeling. Although likely not a big deal for the young and nimble, this can be a lot more difficult and tiring for those with knee issues. Men should do what they can to help with a little lift and thrusting from below, and women should utilize their upper body as much as possible to reduce the strain on the legs. If the man's thighs don't provide enough leverage, or are getting too slippery to push off of, you may want to consider using some furniture to take their place.

Mounted Groundhog Sex Position
The Mounted variation of the Groundhog family has the man leaning all the way forward. Extremely comfortable and intimate, if features a large area of skin contact, and great access for nibbling on her neck. On top of that, it also has great mobility, and is very versatile for matching the mood you're in. We recommend some pillows under her pelvis to explore different angles, and to even try outercourse for some great clitoral stimulation.

Closed Missionary Sex Position
In the Closed variation of the Missionary Position, the woman closes her legs, while the man's legs go on the outside. Although this variation doesn't score high for penetration depth, the angle does provide a lot of clitoral stimulation, which some women may find more pleasurable than depth. Not the most intuitive position, but for the some couples it may be the missing key to pleasure.

Lap Dance Sex Position
In the main variation of Lap Dance, the woman has her legs positioned inside the man's. It leads the family for overall control over penetration, but this comes at the expense of being a lot harder on the legs. Make sure to experiment with the full range of motion the position offers; its got front to back, and side to side - and a whole lot more.

Scissored Flagpole Sex Position
The Flagpole variation of Scissors is probably the most akin to what people consider to be normal sex in this family... With the man on his knees, he is able to thrust in a more normal fashion. The only catch is that the woman's upper leg needs to go somewhere. Upwards offers the man a nice mast to hold onto, but might not be comfortable for all women. If you are among those who aren't fans, you can always lower your leg and wrap it around his back, or even plant it on the ground.

Squatting Rodeo Sex Position
The Squatting variation of Rodeo is likely the position you want if you're looking for maximum speed and movement range in this family. These benefits, however, come at the cost of being much tougher on the legs for women, so some lift support from men is essential to make the most of her endurance. We also recommend for women to experiment with leaning further back, as well as forward, to experience all the angles this position has to offer!

Lap Dance 180 Sex Position
The 180 variation of the Lap Dance position spins the woman around so that she is facing her partner. Although the wider positioning of her legs can decrease her comfort and mobility, the added intimacy of being face to face can make up for it. We recommend some cushioning under the man for comfort and to make sure to use a sturdy chair to avoid painful accidents!

Bodyguard Sex Position
At the head of the Bodyguard family, the standard variation is known for both its intimacy and intensity. The man's hands are free to roam and explore her body, and if height allows, both partner's necks are readily available for some lovin'. Small height differences can be resolved with some bending at the knees, but larger differences may require heels, or even a stepping stool to get aligned. If you do require some assistance for height, consider taking advantage of some furniture to help keep balance.

Folded Guard Sex Position
The Folded variation of the Guard has the woman's legs up in the air, hanging over the man's shoulders. Offering great mobility, a larger area of skin contact as well as some primal excitement of the woman being lifted off the ground, we can only imagine that few amongst wouldn't enjoy it. We recommend experimenting with leaning forward, backward, as well as lifting her pelvis higher to experience the full range available.

Tilted Missionary Sex Position
In the Titled variation of Missionary, the man's body is tilted so that both of his arms are one side of the woman's body. Although a relatively subtle variation, it does have an impact to the angle of penetration, which translates to noticeable difference in sensation. We recommend that women experiment with different leg positions, and for men to explore the angle as far as they can take it to explore the full range of the position.

Squatting Doggy Sex Position
In the Squatting variation of the Doggy Style family, the man gets off of his knees and onto his feet. Although much tougher on his legs, this posture increases the range of the penetration angle, and a higher altitude may make it easier to hit her g-spot more effectively. Unlike the standard variation, women will need to bring their legs together so that the man has room for his knees, and as always when kneeling on the floor, we recommend some pillows on the ground for comfort.

Aerial Dancer Sex Position
Taking the Dancer family to the skies, the Aerial variation has the woman off the ground and suspended by her partner. A tough position on the man's back, it should only be attempted by those fit enough to pull it off... and we definitely recommend first trying it out against a wall to minimize the difficulty while gauging your abilities. Men have the option of holding their partner as illustrated, or alternatively, they can wrap their arms around the outside of the woman's body. Women might want to have at least one of their arms wrapped around the man's neck to make sure they don't slip backwards... unless of course you want to do that on purpose.

Kneeling Missionary Sex Position
A close cousin to Closed Missionary, the Kneeling missionary also features the man's legs on the outside of the woman's. Consequently, it also suffers from a difficult penetration angle and non-efficient use of a man's length. On the bright side, this angle can provide a lot of clitoral stimulation, especially if you are willing to forgo penetration all together, or just haven't gotten that far yet.

Pressed Guard Sex Position
In the Pressed variation of the Guard, the woman presses her feet against the man's chest. Offering a very comfortable way to keep her pelvis titled for g-spot targeting, the only downside could be the man getting launched, or kicked in the face, if a women were to loose control and push off unexpectedly. We recommend exploring different penetration altitudes and foot placements to experience all the pleasure to be had!

Crossed Spoon Sex Position
Bringing the benefit of a 'twisted' position (perpendicular penetration) to the Spoons family, the Crossed variation offers both a unique angle and more of the ease and comfort associated with this family. Although the basic movement in this position is simple, working together for maximum pleasure can be a little more difficult - but well worth the effort. If she is finding the position to be a little straining on the back, pillows or cushions can help take most of the load off while increasing the comfort. We also recommend that the woman experiment with both the height and the angle of her pelvis to find the angle that feels best... and that the man explore the tilt of his pelvis for a more upward stroke.

Open Lap Dance Sex Position
In the Open variation of Lap Dance, the woman straddles the man's legs from the outside. Providing support to rest on, this variation tends to be a lot easier on the woman's legs, but that can come at the expense of a little bit of mobility. Make sure to experiment with the woman leaning forward, using the man's legs for arm support.

Twisted Kneeling Scissors Sex Position
The Twisted Kneeling variation of Scissors is a close cousin of Kneeling Scissors, only the woman's upper leg crosses over the man's body... tilting her pelvis for more twisted penetration. Although this reduces his access to the woman's clitoris, most find the twisted penetration makes up for it... and let's face it, there are very few men who can do a good job of playing with a clit while focusing on penetration. We recommend to try twisting in both directions to see if either takes better advantage of any penile curvature, and to consider a pillow under her hip to improve the alignment.

Sinner Sex Position
At the head of the family, the Sinner position is a great place to start. Getting into the position is very easy, the man simply lies on his back, and the woman lies on her back on top of him with her legs on the outside, however, she will likely need to adjust her positioning for optimal penetration distance. Initial penetration should be relatively easy from the base position, but you could always start with her reclining from a seated position if you're finding it difficult to operate in the dark. The only real downside is that the woman may find it difficult to contribute to the motion with her legs extended, so we recommend transitioning to the planted variation where her feet are closer to the action, and it is much easier to for her to help out.

Cradle Sex Position
With great face-to-face contact, the head of the Cradle family is a very intimate position that's great for those that like a lot of kissing, or just gazing into each other's eyes. To get into the position the woman mounts the sitting man while facing them, making it an excellent choice for beginners to start out in. The man will need to spread his legs a bit wider than you might think to get good fit, and the woman will likely want to push off of the man's legs with her arms to help generate and aim the lift.

Raised Doggy Sex Position
The Raised variation of the Doggy-Style position has the woman on all fours on a raised platform, while the man stands behind her. It's a great candidate for couples with a significant difference in heights... especially if you happen to have an exercise bench with height adjustments. If you don't have your own bench, or access to a private gym, a chair, couch or even bed can provide the lift that you're looking for... with some pillows under her knees for fine tuning.

Wrapped Cradle Sex Position
In the Wrapped variation of Cradle, the woman wraps her legs around her partner's waist. Having very limited mobility, it is best suited for couples who enjoy deep gyrating and grinding, however women with strong triceps will be able to generate some lift using their arms. By holding him tight with her legs, she is firmly anchored and able to grind her clit against her partner for additional pleasure. Since men may find this position a little straining on the back, you may want to position yourselves so that he can lean against some furniture for added support. This can also free up his hands to help her with lifting effort, or to just explore her body.

Lazy Doggy Sex Position
In the Collapsed variation of Doggy, the man collapses his kneeling position so that he is resting on his calves. Although a very easy posture for him to hold, this comes at the cost of most of his mobility - limiting him to a little pelvic thrusting. Consequently, this leaves the woman to take control of most of the movement, though she should find a fair amount of mobility between rocking forward and grinding. To maximize comfort, we recommend throwing some pillows on the floor to add some padding for both partners' knees.

Downward Doggy Sex Position
The Downward Doggy variation of the Doggy Style family has both partners standing while the woman bends over and touches the floor. Requiring a fair amount of flexibility, women can always cheat a little by bending their knees, or placing their hands on a higher surface, just make sure that it's stable before placing your weight on it! Featuring a very sharp angle of penetration, it offers a lot of stimulation to the rear wall of the vagina, and equally to the head of the man's penis.

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